From vision to realization

SonderMind has a bold mission: revolutionize the way therapists connect with their clientele and destigmatize the search for mental health. With this mission as a guidepost, they partnered with FortyFour to rebuild their brand, design a user-friendly, interactive website, and develop ongoing marketing and content to elevate and grow the brand.

Designed with purpose

SonderMind set out to create a better way for clients to connect with a therapist. Through teamwork and collaboration, we engineered that path. Our deep user-experience knowledge paired with a thoughtful, approachable design system brought forth exactly the solution SonderMind was looking for.

  • Brand Identity
  • User Experience
  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Development
  • Demand Generation

By the numbers

In the three months following site launch, monthly sessions increased at an average of 26.13%, and after marketing launch, sessions increased by 65.47% month-over-month. Overall, conversion rate on the site has increased by 162%.

Monthly Sessions


Session, Month-over-Month


Conversion Rate


There's a better way

At the cornerstone of what SonderMind provides is a matching flow to pair the client with their ideal therapist. We crafted this experience to not only be intuitive for the client, but also to inspire confidence in them. From the illustration-style, to the color palette, to the language, every piece of the puzzle was well-considered.

We approached the design system from the point of view of the user. Every creative decision was made with care and attention to detail so as to maintain a pleasant user experience while communicating the SonderMind brand.

James Bytheway | Lead Designer


Ease of interaction

In addition to the client-facing matching flow, we also developed a patient portal for existing users to interact with their therapist, schedule appointments, and update insurance information. We designed the portal to be intuitive, responsive, and convenient for patient and therapist alike.

Built with

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Continuing to grow

As a result of local-market success, SonderMind has been able to grow and expand into new markets. With that comes ongoing marketing and strategy support from FortyFour to ensure the brand remains consistent across various touchpoints and continues to reach new audiences.

Building the future

As the organization’s footprint expands, we’ll expand the ways we create value, drive growth and elevate the brand. Whether it be through marketing, site development, brand strategy, or research and analytics, we’re looking for all the ways we can help Sondermind achieve their mission of making mental health care accessible for everyone.

Working with FortyFour has been a truly collaborative experience. From the beginning, they’ve taken care to understand our vision. We couldn’t be happier with the solutions we’ve created together, and the impact on our business affirms how successful our partnership has been. We've seen tremendous growth over the last few years, and our partnership with FortyFour has been an integral component of that."

Mark Frank | Founder & CEO


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