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Connecting Coca-Cola with a new generation of consumers

In 2014 Coca-Cola launched Share a Coke, a groundbreaking new program that used personalized Coke bottles to make millions of moments of happiness that much more special. Coke’s innovative direct-to-consumer program was sophisticated: It seamlessly combined product, customization and social media in a way that boosted the brand and generated instant credibility with millennials. In order to ensure the bold idea was a success, they chose to work with FortyFour.


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Beyond Custom Bottles

Because of Share a Coke’s success, Coca-Cola soon decided to expand the scope of the site. First additional brands like Diet Coke and Coke Zero were introduced. Eventually the products expanded beyond personalized bottles. All licensed merchandise, from apparel to glassware to other custom products, would now be found at FortyFour was there every step of the way, helping to expand and refine the experience.

Reaching Audiences Year Round

While Share A Coke began as a campaign focused in the summer months, our e-commerce store was able to maintain custom bottles and merchandise sales year round. By expanding customer reach and promoting the brand throughout all four seasons, Share A Coke has experienced annual growth and built consumer trust.

Marketing 2016

Every Channel Performed
30 Distinct Marketing Campaigns
Generated over 74,000 orders
Social influenced 10% of total orders

  • Email
  • Paid Marketing
  • Direct
  • Search
  • Retargeting / Other

Capitalizing on Success

As Share a Coke has grown, our work with Coca-Cola has grown with it. We now oversee the creation of Share a Coke’s e-mail, social, and digital campaigns. Our analytics team ensures every communication and interaction is learned from, iterated on and optimized. And we’re always improving the program, ensuring that Coke lovers have the same delightful, instinctual path to purchase they’ve come to expect, whether visiting the site on mobile or desktop.



34% increase in transactions
53% increase in revenue
14% increase in AOV
94% increase in items sold





34% increase in transactions
53% increase in revenue
14% increase in AOV
94% increase in items sold

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