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Founded by a family of vintners in Napa Valley, RayZyn uses leftover wine grapes to create a variety of healthy and flavorful snacks. But in an era increasingly dominated by online shopping, an imaginative product is not enough. A young business needs an intuitive e-commerce experience that’s woven into a thoughtfully designed web and mobile presence.

Enter FortyFour.

Although still a budding business, RayZyn had some established brand elements - for instance, a logo and a color palette. We worked within their existing brand system to build a fully responsive web presence that puts potential customers a click or two away from the point of purchase. Whether or not the product was available in local stores was no longer a concern to a potential customer. They could now order RayZyns from any device in just moments.

Like many of our partnerships, our work with RayZyn was successful for two reasons. First, we treated our partner’s customers like they were our own, never losing sight of their overall experience and ability to purchase the product with ease. And second, we effectively worked within the constraints provided by our partner, in the end producing a beautiful and responsive site that melds smoothly into their vision for the brand.

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