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Changing the perception of a traditional photography studio

Portrait Innovations is a respected photography brand with a long, rich history and more than 200 stores. They’re always looking for ways to stay one step ahead of the competition, so we began collaborating with them on their next big idea.

Strategy & Branding

Building a brand from the ground up

We began by conducting an audit of their brand and the photography studio market at large to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The main insight we uncovered was that traditional photography studios were perceived as outdated and poorly lit. In collaboration with the client, we set out to develop a new brand and studio environment that would surprise and delight even the most skeptical of customers.

We put a good bit of time and thought to their name and logo. The handwritten font was chosen because it connotes a personal and inviting feeling. It captures the essence of their brand story: capturing today’s memories for tomorrow. With these pieces set, we collaborated with the client to craft their brand values, style guide and voice.


Digital booking done right

We wanted the website to be friendly, welcoming and most of all, easy to understand and navigate. We’re featuring their main products – portraits – prominently throughout the site, and we’re deemphasizing price to give the brand a slightly more upscale feel. We launched the site with a digital booking component, setting the bar for customer acquisition within the industry and putting the competition on notice.

Digital & Print Marketing

Having fun with a fun brand

Through our marketing efforts, we’re able to really express our brand personality, which is cute and friendly. We’re driving digital marketing and engagement via multiple channels: Facebook, Email, PPC, display, social. We’re also complimenting this digital-first strategy with traditional channels including direct mail and newspaper inserts.

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