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Liberty Cannabis wanted to be more than a 21st-century headshop; they wanted to be recognized as a wellness company. With a patient-first mindset and high-quality products, Liberty needed to differentiate themselves as a premium brand in the burgeoning cannabis industry. They partnered with FortyFour to launch a creative strategy that would elevate them into a leading national brand.

Cultivating a friendly impression

In an industry noted for entrenched biases and evolving audiences, FortyFour first set out to connect with potential customers in new and surprising ways. Liberty's design system is now fully focused around the "Feelings Spectrum," whereby consumers can easily determine the most beneficial cannabis for their unique needs. By creating a soothing design directed at user comfort and wellbeing, we're helping to eliminate the negative connotation some consumers associate with cannabis.

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Growing consumer trust & engagement

To further bolster consumers' belief of Liberty as a wellness brand, FortyFour developed email campaigns on both local and national scales, a loyalty program, and a blog: "The Grow." We designed the messaging of all creative to be human-centric, maintaining a focus on health and education. All communications also had to work within the strict confines of a highly regulated market with rules about messaging that vary by state.

By the numbers

Our efforts resulted in a 65% increase in total audience, with the email open rate increasing from 21.4% to 28.4%—a 33% boost. The FortyFour analytics team will continue to learn from and improve the program to ensure Liberty patients have the same positive, health-conscious content they’ve now come to expect.

Open rate increase:


Total audience:


Spreading liberty through smart content

FortyFour's editorial team contributed to "The Grow" with educational, on-brand articles. From teaching readers the different formats of cannabis to explaining Liberty's "Feelings Spectrum," we gave consumers the green light to more fully understand the hot topic of cannabis and repositioned Liberty as a thought leader in the industry.

Flower to the people

Updating Liberty’s brand’s design, creating new engagement channels, and streamlining their messaging were just the beginning for this budding brand’s future. As the market evolves and grows, the creative strategies we implemented for Liberty will drive value, reduce stigma, and cement the brand’s reputation as a leader in cannabis wellness.

We saw an opportunity to build upon Liberty’s branding, bringing it to life in new and exciting ways, and positioning them to grow as the cannabis market expands."

Roger Baldowski | Creative Director


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