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Fueling a new brand

Fleetcor is a leading global provider of fleet cards and specialty payments to businesses. To reach a broader audience of business owners and fleet managers, they conceived of a new brand targeting smaller fleets: Driven. But they needed help bringing their vision for this brand to fruition, and that’s where FortyFour stepped in.

Driving a successful launch

FortyFour started by developing the visual identity and core messaging for FleetCor’s Driven, and those strategic choices became a platform on which the website, digital marketing, and social marketing could stand. We architected the design and build of the website and mapped a corresponding marketing campaign for the brand’s launch. As soon as the launch began, we tested, analyzed, and optimized the campaign based on our results to ensure Driven’s success in the market.

Brand Iconography

Kicking into the next gear

We were able to increase and maintain lead volume at a cost equal to or below FleetCor’s average cost per lead from past campaigns. Due to social marketing on Facebook, we were also able to gain lead traffic from mobile, which is traditionally difficult for B2B businesses. This success led to a deepening of our relationship with Fleetcor and the opportunity to work on one of their most established brands, Fuelman.

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