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A brand new way of gaming

Streaming has become a common way of accessing film and television content, but it has yet to take hold in the gaming community. Cox Communications, sensing the gap in the content streaming market, seized the opportunity and created Flare: one of the first game streaming services.

Launching Flare would be complex: It wasn’t just a new brand. It was a brand new idea, involving a dense technological ecosystem, multiple tiers of membership and the adoption of an in-home gaming console. In order to succeed, it would require a focused, informative messaging strategy, a thoughtfully designed e-commerce architecture, and an intuitive user experience. Realizing they needed a digital agency with a breadth of experience and a depth of knowledge, they partnered with FortyFour.

Weaving a web of technology

Our first challenge was to tie together the various technological components in a manner that felt frictionless for the consumer. Because there were multiple tiers of membership, the connection between the in-home consoles and the e-commerce platform we built had to be seamless. Our engineers designed a backend system that allowed for the smooth exchange of data and content, laying the groundwork for the intuitive UX design that was to come.

Once the technology was in place, our user experience team went to work shaping an online customer journey that was elegant and simple, despite the various gaming packages offered to the consumer. Great, fully responsive design was a prerequisite if there was going to be widespread adoption, and FortyFour delivered.

Driving awareness and adoption

All of our hard work on the user experience and the technology layered beneath it would have been ineffective had we not created a compelling, multi-channel marketing campaign to drive awareness and demand for the product. A robust messaging architecture and a comprehensive visual identity formed the bedrock of a compelling email and social media marketing strategy. Flare was finally in a position to succeed.

Our work with Flare was driven by a belief that e-commerce, user experience, and branding never benefit by being put in a silo. By overseeing the development and implementation of all three, Flare entered the game streaming market with a clear message and the robust technological underpinning it required.

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