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With over 120 years of history and operations that span 80 countries, Exide is one of the most successful battery production and recycling companies in the world. But the organization’s storied past and international reach, while points of pride, nonetheless create interesting challenges for the company’s senior leadership. One of those challenges is sustaining a brand that both has a contemporary feel and is consistent across global markets.

When Exide and FortyFour began working together, we agreed that any interaction with the people, products, and communications of the company should exude the reliability and innovative spirit for which the company is known. But it had been decades since the brand had been revamped. Over time inconsistencies had developed between Exide’s marketing and branding in the United States as opposed to Europe and other markets. It was clear to everyone involved that we had to break the Exide brand down to its component parts so we could build it back up stronger than ever.

A global leader needs a global brand

Our work with Exide opened our eyes to the complexity and competitiveness of the global battery industry. Exide’s three primary product lines -- Network, Motive and Transportation -- are aimed at a wide array of customers. Everything from cars to cell phone towers to nuclear submarines are powered by Exide’s electrical energy solutions. Despite their diverse customer base, it is critical that their brand feel cohesive and potent.

Our solution? Simplify the brand’s core visual components so the look and feel were consistent across markets. We narrowed down their color palette from dozens of gradients to just three main colors. We developed a new, simple font system and applied it to everything from print publications and their logo to Exide’s various digital outlets. And we clearly articulated a new approach to images and photography so customers could easily locate the same characteristics they see in themselves -- reliability, innovation, leadership -- in Exide’s brand.

The result: No matter where you are in the world, Exide’s marketing is clean, muscular and trustworthy.

A common message

Our work didn’t end there. Building a great brand is about more than just creating visual guidelines. It’s about giving a company’s representatives common tools and language so they can easily articulate its mission and vision. That’s why we designed and developed a mobile/tablet app that Exide employees could use to give potential customers a high-level overview of the organization and its products. By centralizing sales efforts around a single digital tool and a central set of messages, we were able to help Exide make the most of every customer interaction.

Our work with Exide is ongoing. Creating a more streamlined brand and cohesive messaging was just the first step. A fully responsive web presence, beautifully designed print products, and revenue-driving marketing campaigns are all in the works. We’re proud that over the coming months and years we’ll help Exide achieve its mission of powering the world forward.

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