Reintroducing a global powerhouse

Exide Technologies is one of the largest battery manufacturers on the planet, but they weren’t communicating that through their brand. They chose FortyFour as their partner to address this opportunity: we relaunched their global digital presence, refined creative across marketing channels, and reimagined the role digital tools could play at the store and event level.

Bigger, faster, smarter

Our work began with the Exide website. As a global brand, it was crucial for their site to be designed and developed on a platform that would allow for extensibility. Because the Exide business is comprised of three pillars—transportation, motive, and network—the products that pertain to these lines of business vary greatly by country. This dictates how information and products are displayed and how messaging is structured across the site.
To accommodate this complexity, we developed the site with Drupal, an open-source CMS that allows for flexible design and scalability. Doing so allowed us to create a more contemporary and consistent visual identity, construct a flexible messaging architecture, and lay the groundwork for a more effective digital presence.

  • User Experience
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Development
  • Branding
  • Sales Enablement
  • Video Production
  • Digital Marketing

Revived and ready

In addition to serving a critical business need, the website also became the primary channel through which we told the story of a revived Exide. We created video content with the company’s leadership and showcased the brand as a pioneer in innovation. Through the brand’s digital presence, video content, event support materials, and marketing, we told the story of a re-energized Exide that’s ready to power the world forward.

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Powering the world forward

With the new brand platform, Forward, we re-introduced Exide to their customers. This platform was used to build marketing strategies for each unique line of business and implement a new approach to digital that expanded consumer awareness, deepened retailer relationships, and drove in-store sales.

Exide Dark Blue#0033A0
Exide Light Blue#0072EC
Exide Grey#535353

Consistency is key

Everything we created aligned to the brand’s new look and feel and messaging, from the one-sheeters, to the event booths, to the custom sales app we developed for the Exide Sales Team. Our marketing and content strategy was driven by a broader global effort to focus and organize everything the company does, and elevate the brand at every step of the way.

Onward and forward

Our work with Exide is ongoing. Creating a more streamlined brand and cohesive messaging were just the first steps. A fully responsive web presence, beautifully designed print products, and revenue-driving marketing campaigns came next. We’re proud that over the coming months and years, we’ll continue to help Exide achieve its mission of powering the world forward.

We needed to completely reimagine how we approached digital. FortyFour provided the strategic leadership at a crucial moment in the organization's history.

Not every agency can match the passion you have for your business, but FortyFour does. They understood Exide’s challenges and championed our goals as their own."

Jenn Edwards | Director of Marketing


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