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After nearly twenty years as the founder of innovative women’s apparel company, the Atlanta-based Spanx, Sara Blakely wanted to tell her story of bootstrap entrepreneurship to the masses and help others achieve their business goals as well. To build E-Life, an inspiring online platform with classes, courses, and community built around becoming an entrepreneur yourself, Blakely came to FortyFour. Aiming to inspire and delight, E-Life provides a toolkit for intrepid creators interested in creating their own product and owning their own business.

“I was really able to hone in on me - what makes me tick and what inspires me the most.”

Meela M. - New Enterpeneur

Building an integrated e-commerce and marketing vehicle

In what Blakely refers to as the "pre-work,"" E-Life equips users with intensive but engaging coursework packed with tasks, insights, and an online community log for tracking your progress and connecting with others. E-Life users are tech-oriented, so it was imperative that the experience on the site be as consistent and accessible as possible.

Built on Magento with multiple purchase flows and options available for users, E-Life’s online platform is integrated with the app so the user experience is seamless from purchase to follow-through. When signing up for their courses on the site, users have choices between free trials and buy-now packages. From there, they can move effortlessly between devices expecting the same elegant interface and inviting messaging so they can focus on the pre-work itself.

Built with Magento

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