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How we’re helping

In a cellular provider market littered with options, CREDO Mobile stands apart. That’s because CREDO Mobile not only provides great phones and service, but also gives it’s customers a simple, direct way to positively affect the vital issues of our day. Every month a percentage of CREDO Mobile’s revenue goes to support progressive nonprofits working on issues ranging from environmental justice to civil rights to peace.

In order to keep up the fight for progress, sales had to remain high and their 30-year-old brand had to be reimagined. That’s where FortyFour came in.

Now is the time

We began our work with CREDO Mobile by reconstructing the most foundational elements of their brand. We helped CREDO refine their mission and vision, create an invigorating, reimagined brand narrative, and implement newly shaped visual and photographic guidelines. This new, more authentic brand would reflect the resolute yet optimistic way in which CREDO approaches the political challenges of our era.

Building a new brand takes time. But our client needed results immediately. If CREDO was to drive the sales necessary to fulfill its mission, we had to begin implementing the emerging brand elements in real time. We quickly created an integrated marketing campaign, titled “Be an Agent of Change,” that allowed us to flexibly apply the new brand to everything from email and social marketing to direct mail and print advertisements. CREDO immediately began surpassing their monthly sales goals.

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Be an Agent of Change.

Making progress every day

Today FortyFour handles a wide variety of marketing activities for CREDO Mobile. Our content, design, marketing and analytics teams collaborate on a daily basis to ensure both CREDO Mobile’s brand and sales are growing steadily. Our relationship has expanded beyond that of an agency and a client. We are partners working tirelessly together to realize a shared vision of a better world.


Flexible Plans

The future of CREDO Mobile

Our work with CREDO Mobile is just getting started. We have several major plans in the works, including a major brand campaign, a redesigned, replatformed website, and a fully reimagined e-commerce experience. As we continue our work together, we’re excited to see more and more individuals switch to the carrier with a conscience.

The Results

67% increase in sales year over year.

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