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A personal emergency response solution, made for everyday life

Cox Homelife Automation and Security Systems give individuals and families the power to remotely control and monitor their smart home devices from anywhere. Cox wanted to extend these systems of safety and tech to the aging and elderly population, providing not only potential life-saving communication to those in need but also peace-of-mind to their adult children, partners, or caretakers. With their personal emergency response system, Aging in Place, Cox provided a solution for older but still active people.

To build a personal safety system like this, Cox turned to FortyFour's teams. Partnered with the tech savvy minds at Cox, FortyFour knew there was an opportunity to not only create something innovative but to position it as a positive, health-based solution rather than something focused on emergencies or negative aspects of aging.

Building multi-device experiences for users across generations

The Aging in Place app needed to be an intuitive and engaging experience across platforms and devices, as well as providing ease-of-use and peace-of-mind for its users of all ages. More than just a senior citizen alert system, Aging in Place assists older people in monitoring important health stats like pulse, daily steps, and nutrition, as well as providing a built-in communication system between companion devices.

While the app monitors and assists older individuals, its companion piece for the adult child or caretaker can provide health stats as well as sending crucial alerts if the emergency personal response system is activated. Once activated, the adult child is given GPS abilities to track his or her parent as help is called. Across iOs and Android devices on screens, phones, tablets and smart watches, Aging in Place’s multiple integrations shared feature functions while still existing as custom experiences unique to the needs of different users of varying familiarity to technology.

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A comforting and consistent
companion piece for peace of mind

To create the most elegant experience possible across platforms, FortyFour’s UX, design and content strategy teams worked hand-in-hand to deliver captivating products. With seamlessly stylized features and straightforward messaging focused on daily health rather than emergencies, Aging in Place became a product of comfort and security rather than panic.

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