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Over 500,00 custom cases created

Case-Mate has always been a leader in the custom case business, launching one of the first applications that allows users to print images onto a phone case. Our assignment was to take the first iteration of this application and expand its feature set, improve the experience, create an updated image, and implement the solution using HTML5 for compatibility across all devices. We concepted and created a digital canvas so that the tools enabling you to manipulate the image are at your fingertips. The most challenging component of the project was to create an interface that’s easy to use on a touchscreen, but not cumbersome when using a mouse. We’re not only proud of the end product, we’re proud of the increase in customer engagement, reduction of the abandonment rate, and increase in on-going revenue.

Signature series e-commerce site

When Selena, Fergie and Common became the focal points of the Right Case, Right Occasion campaign, Case-Mate needed to create various digital assets to support the initiative. With any celebrity endorsement, the goal is to ensure that the celebrity doesn’t outshine the product and that the connection is clear. We designed and created a clean backdrop that showcased each product as the hero and aligned with their elegant celebrity counterparts.

Monogramming app

Monogramming isn’t just for your shirt, handkerchief, or pillow case anymore. You can now create your personalized iPhone case using a variety of text and pattern styles.

Case-Mate wanted to create an innovative app that expanded their distinct customization offering and they looked to FortyFour to lead the effort. Our solution delivered an easy to use, simple application interface highlighting various options available to customers seeking to design their own unique case.

The results have been tremendous. The app is seeing some of the highest conversation rates across the entire e-commerce suite.

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