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Asurion is an industry leader in mobile insurance, technology and support, with 305 million customers in 23 countries, including 50 million monthly users in the U.S. alone. The “Asurion Difference”—helping customers enhance their lives—has helped the company expand steadily over its 25 years, winning multiple awards and accolades as it pushes into the future.

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Humanizing a global brand

Even as one of the largest insurance providers of smartphones and consumer tech worldwide, the Asurion name itself was not well known to consumers. To address this, Asurion asked FortyFour to help raise awareness of the brand’s services, drive acquisition, and ultimately build a more consumer-friendly brand.

Adjusting for better scalability

Using Asurion’s existing WordPress platform, we built, tested and integrated all front-end code for the implementation and development of the new website. From design to content, we crafted an approachable, contemporary, scalable system for an informative yet concise user experience. The result is a modern site that reflects the brand identity and effectively delivers the Asurion story.


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Securing an on-brand website

We began our work with the Asurion website. Reflecting on Asurion’s consumer-friendly goals, it was imperative that the site be redesigned with a focus on user experience and interface. FortyFour implemented a UX & UI design and content audit to discover elements of the site that required modification to better align with Asurion’s three guiding pillars: authentically human, delightfully simple, and actually helpful.


It’s more than coverage; it’s peace of mind

Beyond covering cellular devices, Asurion offers Home+ to provide insurance for home tech. Asurion challenged FortyFour to create and launch the new Home+ website with a vibrant design and an improvement to customer experience across touchpoints. After completing a site and marketing audit, FortyFour provided a marketing strategy across all social channels before jumping into the site redesign. Revamped and on-brand, the new Home+ site will elevate Asurion’s total presence once it launches in the coming months.

Attracting new hires with a new design

Next, Asurion asked FortyFour to redesign its Careers site to align with the rest of the Asurion rebrand. With both desktop and mobile users in mind, we designed 13 new pages for the Careers site based off of Asurion’s existing brand creative and guidelines, as well as our new main-page design. The new site complements the Asurion brand, welcoming all potential hires with ease and style.

Positioned for future growth

As the premiere insurer in the smartphone and home-tech industry, Asurion will continue to provide best-in-class solutions for tech users the world over. And as they do, we’ll continue to help drive growth and elevate the brand through marketing, site development and platform maintenance. Together, we’re excited for a strong (and insured) tech future.

Designing for Asurion was an exercise of individualizing each branch of a singular brand and questioning, ‘How can we think outside the box while coloring within the lines?’"

Coleman Fitzgerald | Experience Designer


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