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How we’re helping to reinvigorate an iconic 100-year-old brand

In the years since the American Cancer Society was founded, the organization grew exponentially. Their purpose always remained the same, but eventually they found themselves saying more things to more audiences. In a world where a million other voices are all screaming for attention, they needed to cut through the noise with a cohesive story.

So, we started with a simple question: who is
 the American Cancer Society?

We knew the answer would have an enormous impact on how the organization functions and perceives itself, and how the public perceives it as well.

We are advocates, researchers, volunteers, survivors, patients, and donors

Together, we are a united force against all cancers.

Brand Architecture & Guidelines

A great brand begins with a strong foundation

We worked closely with ACS to define their brand in the clearest and most truthful way possible. Together, we articulated core elements like their Vision, Mission and Values. We helped them express exactly who they are and what their objectives are going forward. These elements informed the development of their brand guidelines, including visual style, voice, and tone.

These elements and guidelines were well received and adopted by everyone within the organization – from C suite to volunteers in the field. With so many stakeholders and sub-brands to account for, this was no easy task, but ultimately a rewarding one.

Brand Story

Nothing is more powerful than a story well told

With the brand architecture and guidelines set, we began to experiment with different ways to tell their story. After collaborating with the ACS team once again, we determined that their story should center on the values that give us the advantage over cancer. The result is a video that puts the power into every viewer’s hands by asking the question: Who Will You Be Today?

Courage, determination, Innovation, Passion, Empathy, & Caring

These are the values of humanity that give us the advantage over cancer

Brand Platform

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
—Ben Franklin

We created a platform to share all of this great work with our organization and the public. This digital hub enabled us to communicate the brand elements, new visual style, and story in a way that gives people to experience their story on their terms.


38% increase in new donors in the first 6 months of our partnership.

This is just the beginning

Over the past year, we’ve built a strong partnership with the American Cancer Society.
We truly believe our work impacts lives by inspiring people to give their voice, time, and donations to a worthy cause.

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