Workin’ Remote with FortyFour: A Peek Inside Our WFH Spaces

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It seems like years have passed since March, when FortyFour—along with thousands of other workspaces around the world—sent its employees home to begin working remotely. From animal colleagues to creative workspaces, here’s how the FortyFour crew is making WFH work for them.

Kelsey, Project Manager: “A remote still life: pups, plants, sunlight, biscuits, and really, really good jam. Oh, and coffee. You must always have lots of coffee.”
Bryan, Designer: “My chair isn’t that great, but I’m able to look out of my window and watch the free entertainment of the neighboring complex’s parking lot.”
Sarah, Copywriter: “A clean workspace and a daily to-do list keep me motivated. That, and my furry assistant meowing at me to stay focused.”
Catherine, Office Manager: “Having fresh flowers and candles on the table makes the room still feel like a celebratory space. A little bit of loveliness feels comforting.”
Paul, Associate Director, UX : “When your home studio doubles as a remote workstation, at-home creativity goes to 11.”
Kate, Sr. Designer: “With bright lighting, greenery, a clean desk, and a sassy doodle critiquing my work, I can feel the most creative in my own space.”
Lauren, UX Designer: “I try to keep myself surrounded by things that remind me of the places I’ve been and things I enjoy. Some natural light and a furry friend don’t hurt either!”
Maggie, E-Commerce Manager: “What this scene doesn’t depict is the chaos of seven rescue cats running amok all over. It’s a small space, but it works—kitty chaos and all!”
Pierce, Sr. Marketing Manager: “More important than what people see behind me on video chat is what I see in front of me all day: daylight and my pup.”
Emily K., Social Media & Community Manager: “It’s cool how far a little creativity can go. I just had to borrow some decor from around the house and ensure that there was desk space for my furry assistant.”
Brian, Business Analyst: “The banker’s lamp on my desk was actually given to me by Atlanta politician Cathy Woolard. Pretty inspiring, you might say.”
Ciara, Designer: “A little tucked-away desk with lots of sunshine that helps keep me focused when I work from home.”
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