Phobio Launches New Site, Paves Way for Future Growth

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FortyFour is proud to announce that, with the help of teams across our agency, our client partner Phobio has launched a new website. Built on Drupal and reflective of the brand’s new visual direction and messaging, the website plays a key role in Phobio’s senior leadership’s growth strategy.

This site is the second of a two phase re-launch project: A quick redesign and relaunch was necessary at the end of 2017 because of some key strategic opportunities. But the goal was to always create a more thorough, informative and compelling experience that was reflective of the best-in-class quality of the platforms Phobio builds. That goal has been achieved.

Nearly every department in our organization contributed to the end product: our user experience, design, content, business analysis, development, analytics and project management teams all collaborated to ensure this project was a success.

We look forward to seeing Phobio continue to grow and to helping accelerate that growth in any way we can.

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