No, Your B2B Campaign Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

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Are you reading this for work? Are you a human being with an actual personality? 

Wait, you mean you have a personality AND a job? That’s possible?

Of course it’s possible. We all work, and we’re all human. We don’t turn off our personalities when we get to work, and our senses of humor remain intact between 9 and 5 (sometimes, Lord knows, a healthy sense of humor is vital to getting through the workday).

Then why does so much B2B marketing feel like it’s aimed at robots?

When businesses target other businesses, the products and services they’re selling tend to be complex and challenging to describe. You’re not selling cool sneakers or a fizzy drink; you’re selling smarter logistics for a global supply chain or financial services for small businesses. Dense stuff.

The details about these sorts of services can be boring. (Trust us! We know!) But that only makes smart, compelling marketing that much more important.

Far too often, B2B brands fall into the trap of thinking that because their target audience is a business, its content needs to be “businesslike,” meaning professional, meaning bland, meaning no one will actually read it.

This is bad.

Even if you’re selling a type of business insurance, complex financial service or complicated machinery like industrial printers, the target who will be seeing your message is a person—an actual person. They’re distractible, possibly stressed out, daydreaming about that upcoming beach trip, annoyed that their printer isn’t working, and wondering which restaurant to hit on Saturday. They don’t want to read a boring ad.

They shouldn’t have to.

Regardless of what we’re marketing, we follow the same rules with B2B content that we use to guide our B2C work. Is our message compelling? Is it relevant? Does it respect the viewer and their time? Will it drive them to take action?

This is the thinking that can make B2B messaging jump out against the noise (the boring, white noise of so much bland business speak). FortyFour will keep delivering that kind of insightful, entertaining messaging, no matter how complex your product or service is. Because that person sitting at their desk? We know what they’re like. We’ve been there, and we want to connect with them.

Until our robot overlords take over, at least.

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