Meet the FortyFour Team: Witt Langstaff

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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like inside the mind of a UX Designer, take a glimpse into the world of Witt Langstaff’s life. From his secret talents to his penchant for dad jokes, read all about our South Carolina-born Solutions Lead!

Where are you from?

Hartsville, South Carolina, USA, Planet Earth. It’s in Darlington County, which has a huge NASCAR speedway – You can do Daytona, you can tackle Talladega, but you can’t tame Darlington (at least that’s what they say.) I was born in a hospital not far from the track.

What brought you to FortyFour?

I was working for a startup, and my good buddy Graydon is the Director of Content here – he mentioned 44 needing some help on the UX team so we made it happen. I really like the folks who work here, and saw it as a good opportunity to learn and grow. It’s been great so far!

What has been your favorite client project so far and why are you proud of it?

There’s not a single client project that jumps out to me, but in general, the projects where I’m involved in many different aspects of the work (writing, designing, UX, photography / video / animation) end up being my favorites. We’ve done some really cool stuff with Case-mate, CREDO, Coke, and loads of others.

Tell us one of your secret talents.

I can open a beer bottle with just about anything hard-edged.

What’s something you’re really, really good at cooking?

I’ve been told I make the best boiled peanuts that some folks have ever had.

Cats or dogs?

Porque no los dos? I love all animals. We have a great dog named Lefty, named after the character in Townes Van Zandt’s tune “Pancho & Lefty.” But I really love cats, too.

Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

I mean not for me personally, but if that’s what you’re into I don’t judge. My go-to is anchovies.

What’s your favorite part of Atlanta?

I spend a lot of time around the Chattahoochee near East Palisades, Stone Mountain, Arabia Mountain, and I love living in Cabbagetown. I love the entirety of Atlanta.

If you were a professional wrestler, what song would play as you walk out into the ring?

Distant Star – The Heliocentrics

Let’s say you win the lottery– the big one. What’s the first thing you buy?

After paying off some student loans, I’d buy an island in the South Pacific for my family. We’d spend all of our days surfing, fishing, making music and growing our own food.

If you didn’t live in Atlanta (ed. note: please never leave), where would you live?

Austin, TX, where my wife’s family all live. We have some great friends down there who have kids that are close to our daughter’s age, and central TX is a really beautiful place.

You’re a dad. Tell us a joke.

Why don’t ants get sick? …because they have little anty-bodies.

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