Meet the FortyFour team: Carson Britt edition

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This week we sat down with Carson Britt, our Senior Software Engineer. Hear what this front-end pro has to say about growing up in Georgia, riding his bike through the city, and why you shouldn’t limit your own skillset.

Where are you from?

I’m from Atlanta. I grew up in the ‘burbs and moved to north Georgia at 14, but then I went to Georgia Tech and stayed here since.

What brought you to FortyFour?

Before this I was at 22squared, which handles more traditional advertising, and we weren’t really getting into digital the way I wanted to. I wanted to go into something more digital-focused, where I could feel more challenged. I wanted to do bigger, more intimidating projects from a dev perspective.

What has been your favorite client project so far and why are you proud of it?

I’ve worked on nearly every project here but a favorite has been CREDO Mobile. I got to work on a couple of microsites for them, and I liked the style of it. It’s very front-end heavy stuff which is really interesting on Drupal.

What’s something you’re weird good at?

I like to get involved in art projects that use code as art. I’ve been working on doing a show using code to create projection art. I’ve also been working on a project with my friends that’s all about jokes about video games.  

What do you want to be if/when you ever grow up?

I thought about going into architecture for a long time, so maybe I’d do that.

What do you like most about FortyFour?

It’s a great office in a great location–super convenient to everything around town.

What career advice do you have for a new developer?

Don’t lock yourself into learning one thing. It changes every couple of years so you have to be able to adapt. Learning how to solve problems rather than memorizing solutions is really important.

What’s your favorite part of Atlanta?

I spend a lot of time in EAV. I go on a lot of group bike rides where I’ve gotten to see parts of Atlanta I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. There’s a part of South Downtown with a velodrome. I’m involved in Critical Mass and I go on group rides on Wednesday nights.

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