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Phobio is known as a leader in the device trade-in space, but they’re more than a brick & mortar retail service–and they needed some help communicating that on their website. In partnership with the Phobio team, we’ve embarked on a two-phase effort to elevate their brand with updated designs and refreshed messaging. We’re proud of our hard work so far, so we wanted to take the opportunity to share the results of phase one and to congratulate our teams.

Phase one of the project began with discovery sessions to uncover what makes Phobio so great at what they do. Over the course of several conversations, we learned that they’re innovative and entrepreneurial, continually setting and resetting the bar for device trade-in. Their team is serious about software, but they also have vibrant personalities and a warm culture. So we realized that a pretty simple question seems to drive the Phobio team: what if we make device trade-in awesome?

However, their software does more than enable in-store trade-ins. Their device trade-in product, Safetrade, is a flexible, omni-channel platform that revolutionizes the way consumers and businesses upgrade to the latest technology. In addition to better expressing the myriad capabilities of Safetrade, we needed to unite Safetrade with their other core product, Rodio, under an umbrella message. The challenge there? Rodio software drives communication from the center out to the edge of your organization so your teams can delight customers and deliver results. At first glance, that doesn’t have much to do with device trade-in, but we eventually tied them together: Phobio builds flexible device trade-in and collaboration platforms that elevate brands and delight customers. In short, they make various aspects of the retail experience more awesome.

Our design team worked closely with our content team to convey this awesomeness in their updates. “We focused on making their site clean, focused, and approachable,” says art director Hadi Seyfi. “We wanted the look and feel to emphasize those attributes of the Phobio platform.”

But don’t take our word for it–the results of phase one are now live on the Phobio website. Check out the work, and stay tuned for phase two!

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