Design We Love: June Edition

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Every week, our talented and energetic design team gathers round the conference table in the room we’ve lovingly named “Inman Park” to talk about stuff that’s inspired them that week. Over the course of the month, they tend to amass a lot of great stuff so we’ve started cataloging it here on the blog! Here’s what our design team was loving in June.

Spectral is the first customizable and interactive parametric Google font by Prototypo.

Spectral Design

Nick Misani

As if working under Louise Fili wasn’t enough, we love his fauxsaics too.

Nick Misani design
Nick Misani “fauxsaic”

Anne Elser

She’s a local calligrapher, painter, designer and instructor who caught our attention by her approach to flourishes.

Anne Elser Design
Anne Elser

Fonts In Use

We love using this to get different perspectives on typefaces.

Fonts in use design
Fonts In Use

Type Hunting 

We love this on-going catalogue of found vintage typography.

Type Hunting Design
Type Hunting
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