Coke ranked as 9th favorite brand among millennials

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Brands are eager to capture the attention of millennials: the generation that came of age around the 2000s, was the first to adopt social media, and has driven consumer culture since it began gaining purchasing power in the mid-aughts. Famously picky and equally loyal, millennials are an audience every brand strives to be on the good side of.

Our longstanding partner Coca-Cola has done just that. According to Business Insider’s recent study of millennial brand loyalty, the most refreshing drink on the shelves is also millennials’ most beloved beverage. Out of a hundred iconic brands—including Apple, Nike and Amazon—the study ranked Coke as millennials’ ninth favorite.

Business Insider notes that the “Share a Coke” campaign is particularly influential on Coke’s overall popularity, and we couldn’t agree more. Coke’s innovative, direct-to-consumer program is sophisticated: it seamlessly combines product, customization, and social media in a way that boosts the brand and generates instant credibility with millennials.

We’re especially proud of this project because we’ve worked alongside Coke every step of the way to bring it to fruition. Fortyfour designed, built, and launched, Coke’s first-ever direct to consumer ecommerce site. We architected and deployed supporting digital marketing campaigns. And in the past three years, we’ve steadily expanded the program to include more Coke brands and a greater variety of products.

It’s been a pleasure to partner with Coke on this project, and we look forward to celebrating their continued success. Congratulations, Coke!

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