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We’re proud to announce that our longstanding client Coca-Cola has launched to celebrate an iconic year (like, 1985, duh!) and the release of Stranger Things Season 3.

Coca-Cola has partnered with Netflix’s Stranger Things to kick off its new season, which takes place in 1985, by creating a limited edition collection of bottles and merchandise. And what could be more recognizably 1985 than a can of New Coke? That’s right—while supplies last, New Coke is back. will be the official destination for fans who want to taste New Coke, purchase limited edition Stranger Things bottles and merchandise, and shop for authentic Coke throwbacks from the ‘80s. In addition to the e-commerce site, Coca-Cola will be hosting 1985 events at its stores in Atlanta and Las Vegas throughout the summer.

Launching the site was a truly collaborative effort among the Coke, Wieden+Kennedy, and FortyFour teams. To capture a sense of nostalgia for the bygone decade, we looked to 80’s computing and adopted an ASCII-inspired design direction. Then our designers, writers, and developers worked together to reimagine 1985 using bold neons, ‘80s slang, and a few Stranger Things Easter Eggs.

Since 2014, FortyFour has worked with Coca-Cola on the strategy, design, implementation, and evolution of their direct-to-consumer e-commerce ecosystem. The site began as, an online destination for consumers to purchase personalized name bottles. Over time, Coke has expanded their platform. Now Coke fans can celebrate everything from sporting events to weddings to corporate events and more with the personalized bottles and officially-licensed merchandise available at

As Coca-Cola continues to grow, we look forward to being a supportive and strategic partner every step of the way.

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