BASF Launches Newtrition, First Direct-to-Consumer Brand & Site

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We’re proud to announce the launch of BASF’s first direct-to-consumer supplement brand, Newtrition. Our cross-functional team helped BASF across all of our core capabilities, from designing a rich visual identity to developing an intuitive e-commerce experience to creating a thoughtful go-to-market strategy.

BASF is the largest chemical manufacturer in the world. While they’ve historically white-labeled their products, they had the concept for a direct-to-consumer brand: a line of Omega-3s and health supplements called Newtrition. To bring the brand to life, they partnered with FortyFour. We helped BASF distinguish Newtrition from other supplements by anchoring their brand in science. By engineering their products so that they’re easier to digest, Newtrition boasts greater absorption and faster results than their competitors.

Built on Shopify, the site functions as more than just an ecommerce portal. We integrated BASF’s laboratory API into the site so that customers can order test kits, register them with the laboratory, and receive a PDF with their personalized test results all within their user account. In addition to designing and building their site, we launched Newtrition’s social platforms and produced accompanying video and photography in-house.

As the Newtrition brand continues to grow, we look forward to launching additional direct-to-consumer products.

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