The Right Reasons for the ‘Gram?

Influencer Marketing, Tent-Pole Event Strategies and ... the Bachelor?

Effective marketing is being able to tell your story to a large and engaged audience. Which is why today we’re going to talk about … The Bachelor? You may be skeptical but bare with us for a moment. This is gonna get interesting.

There are two major pillars of social marketing at play here: influencer marketing and a tent-pole event strategy.

Influencer marketing is the new celebrity endorsement. In a world where we are tied to our screens and wanting to put the best filter on our life in self-promotion, there are some BIG bucks behind strong content-driven marketing campaigns. These influencers don’t have to be celebrities. With a little hustle, strong personalities, and desirable lifestyles, most of these influencers are self-made.

And it’s a pretty good gig when a single Instagram post can earn you $75,000. Continue reading

Written by on February 15th, 2019 in Insight