44 Reasons to Work With FortyFour

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These are strange times.

But whether the times are normal, strange, or New Roman, one constant remains: FortyFour is here to solve your business challenges. Why are we called FortyFour, you ask? Long story. Another time. But for now, here are 44 good reasons to work with us on your next digital marketing, strategy, or e-commerce challenge:

1. We’re a small, independent digital agency. When you trust us with your business, you get our full attention.

2. We started in 2011 out of a desire for a more personal, honest agency experience. 

3. Our office does not have a foosball table. They’re a cliche, and you don’t want cliched work.

Our office (note lack of foosball table). We miss our office.

4. When it comes to digital marketing and e-commerce, we do it all. Our team includes experts across a number of key marketing channels, from paid search and SEO to social, email and web design, plus a few things you might not have heard of yet.

5. Our managing partners stay close to clients. At least one of our three partners will always be involved in the work. And you’ll like them, we promise.

NOTE: We decided to cut reasons 6-16 because, as a digital agency, we know that brevity is super important. Attention spans, y’know?

17. FortyFour is a certified Magento partner. Don’t know what that means? If you have an e-commerce site, you should! And if you don’t have an e-commerce site yet, then you should call us. Either way, call us and we’ll make a plan.

18. We’re a lean, streamlined company, without unnecessary layers of management that would inflate bill rates. We’re careful stewards of our client’s budget. We only gamble with fake money, like at last year’s holiday party (below).

19. Our mantra: Listen well, iterate often, test thoroughly, and push representational techniques that help our clients deliver optimal experiences.

20. Our office has a dedicated beer fridge. Clients seldom utilize it when they visit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. (Our office is currently closed, of course, and the fridge is empty, we think, but we look forward to our next meeting with it.)

21. Our diverse team of creatives, technologists, strategists, and marketers can support practically any digital initiative a brand undertakes. If you have a marketing challenge, odds are we’ve helped a client face a similar one.

NOTE: Sorry, reasons 22–31 are proprietary and can only be viewed by current clients. Give us a call to become one!

32. We’re a certified Drupal professional development partner, and we’re a certified Google Partner with a specialization in search advertising.

33. Our agency is one of the largest e-commerce practices in the Southeast, delivering custom solutions for major brands like Coca-Cola. 

34. We’re conveniently located on Atlanta’s BeltLine. Take a walk with us next time you visit here. It’s good for you.

NOTE: Reasons 35–41 are still with the lawyers pending legal review. Sorry, that happens sometimes. We’ll email first thing in the morning.

42. We’ve helped major brands and corporations launch successful campaigns across all channels. From fintech to consumer goods, automotive to cannabis dispensaries, we’ve helped a variety of clients succeed.

43. Our work has been featured in Fast Company, and we’ve won multiple awards over the years, the latest being two 2019 American Graphic Design Awards.

44. This last reason is soooo good we just couldn’t bring ourselves to put it online. People have been known to pass out when they hear it. Think you can handle it? If so, connect with your friendly neighborhood agency partner at FortyFour and let’s talk about how we can help your business!

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