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Design We Love: May Edition

This month, our design team was all about good vibes, clean lines, and using colors and shapes in new ways.

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A little over a year ago, the design team at FortyFour incorporated “Stumps and Dumps” into our weekly design sync. What are “Stumps and Dumps,” you ask?

“Stumps” are the problems we’re facing with current projects. More importantly, it’s an open invitation for critical feedback and creative insights from our teammates.

“Dumps” are the show-and-tell portion. It’s an opportunity for us to talk all things inspiring, unusual, and thought-provoking within the design world.

We’ve amassed a considerable list of design portfolios, websites, Instagram accounts, films, artists, animations, and design tools over the last year. We come back to this list time and time again for inspiration, so we thought we should share it with the world. Here’s the space where each month we’ll share with you the things we’ve loved lately. Without further ado, here’s a few things we loved in May!

This Austin-based design studio, founded in 2011, is killing it in the branding and e-comm scene.

Stumptown Coffee packaging by LAND

Mike Perry Studio – Broad City
Mike Perry is a playful illustrator and animator based in NY. We love him for lots of things, but especially his fun and excited intros for Broad City.

Mindsparkle Mag
Mindsparkle Mag promotes beautiful and inspiring projects in the fields of design, web design and video.

Photography by Mikel Muruzabal as featured on Mindsparkle Mag.

Hiller Goodspeed
Hiller Goodspeed’s oddball illustrations give us the fuzzies.

Illustration by Hiller Goodspeed

Track Duck
We love this QA tool for our smaller sites because it integrates and plays so well with JIRA.