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Connecting Coca-Cola with a new generation of consumers

Share a Coke launched in the U.S. in 2014, inspiring millions to share moments of happiness by personalizing their own Coca-Cola bottles. It was a groundbreaking idea, seamlessly combining product, customization, and social media in an organic way. In a world where demand for bespoke goods is rapidly increasing, the campaign gave the brand a tremendous boost and instant credibility with millennials.

We had to deliver on the promise of the brand and its message

Our role in Share a Coke began with the mission to optimize the e-commerce platform, The stakes were not lost on us. We were dealing with a 120+ year old brand who, for the first time in history, let consumers actively participate in and alter their branding. They launched the campaign with a series of emotionally-charged ads, driving people online with the expectation of creating and purchasing their personalized bottle. No pressure, right?

We took the challenge head-on

We explored and uncovered ideas that allowed fans to customize their order as efficiently as possible. Our efforts have been as successful as the campaign itself, facilitating the sale of more than 1 million personalized bottles to date and counting. But our work isn’t stopping there.

We’re just getting started

Our objective is to continually evolve and scale the platform, most recently with the addition of Diet Coke and Coke Zero. It’s easy to say, “just add two more products,” but it’s a whole other beast to execute it well. There’s the e-commerce challenge of allowing consumers to customize and purchase multiple product types, and the communication challenge of giving each brand equal consideration when developing promos, landing pages, and path to purchase.

By successfully growing the e-commerce platform – whether through new products, promotions or ideas – we’re doing our part to keep Share a Coke, and the brand, moving forward.


1 Million Bottles Sold in 2015

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